Hepatic undifferentiated (embryonal) sarcoma arising in a mesenchymal hamartoma.

  title={Hepatic undifferentiated (embryonal) sarcoma arising in a mesenchymal hamartoma.},
  author={Gregory Yves Lauwers and Lester D. Grant and William H. Donnelly and Anna Maria Meloni and Robert Foss and A A Sanberg and Max R Langham},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={21 10},
We report the case of a hepatic undifferentiated (embryonal) sarcoma (UES) arising within a mesenchymal hamartoma (MH) in a 15-year-old girl. Mapping of the tumor demonstrated a typical MH transforming gradually into a UES composed of anaplastic stromal cells. When evaluated by flow cytometry, the MH was diploid and the UES showed a prominent aneuploid peak. Karyotypic analysis of the UES showed structural alterations of chromosome 19, which have been implicated as a potential genetic marker of… CONTINUE READING
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