Hepatic nodules in Budd-Chiari syndrome: imaging features.

  title={Hepatic nodules in Budd-Chiari syndrome: imaging features.},
  author={Val{\'e}rie Vilgrain and Ma{\"i}t{\'e} Lewin and Corinne Vons and Alban Denys and Dominique Charles Valla and Jean François Fl{\'e}jou and Jacques Belghiti and Yves Menu},
  volume={210 2},
PURPOSE To analyze the imaging features of nodules associated with Budd-Chiari syndrome. MATERIALS AND METHODS The authors retrospectively studied images obtained in 23 patients with liver nodules who were being followed up for Budd-Chiari syndrome. Doppler ultrasonography was performed in all patients, computed tomography in 16, and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in 20. The following lesion features were evaluated: location, number, size, vascularization, qualitative signal intensity at MR… CONTINUE READING


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