Hepatic metabolism and biliary excretion of Taxol in rats and humans.

  title={Hepatic metabolism and biliary excretion of Taxol in rats and humans.},
  author={Bernard Monsarrat and Paul Alvinerie and Michel Wright and Joelle Dubois and FRANCOISE GUERITTE-VOEGELEIN and Daniel Gu{\'e}nard and Ross C. Donehower and Eric K. Rowinsky},
  journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Monographs},
To date there have been limited studies of the metabolism and disposition of Taxol in animals and humans. Renal disposition of unmetabolized Taxol has been documented to account for a maximum of 5% to 10% of an administered dose of Taxol in humans, but the principal processes involved in drug disposition, particularly the roles of biliary excretion and drug metabolism, have not been evaluated. Therefore, the biliary excretion of Taxol has been studied in rats and in a human patient receiving… CONTINUE READING

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