Hepatic injury in chronic iron overload. Role of lipid peroxidation.

  title={Hepatic injury in chronic iron overload. Role of lipid peroxidation.},
  author={Bruce R. Bacon and Robert S. Britton},
  journal={Chemico-biological interactions},
  volume={70 3-4},
In both hereditary hemochromatosis and in the various forms of secondary hemochromatosis, there is a pathologic expansion of body iron stores due mainly to an increase in absorption of dietary iron. Excess deposition of iron in the parenchymal tissues of several organs (e.g. liver, heart, pancreas, joints, endocrine glands) results in cell injury and functional insufficiency. In the liver, the major pathological manifestations of chronic iron overload are fibrosis and ultimately cirrhosis… CONTINUE READING


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