Heparin binding to the urokinase kringle domain.

  title={Heparin binding to the urokinase kringle domain.},
  author={Ross Wentworth Stephens and A M Bokman and H T My{\"o}h{\"a}nen and Tuuli Reisberg and Hannele Tapiovaara and Nina Pedersen and Jan Gr\ondahl-Hansen and Miguel Llin{\'a}s and Antti Vaheri},
  volume={31 33},
The binding of urokinase to immobilized heparin and dextran sulfate was studied using activity assays of the bound urokinase. The markedly higher binding observed with high M(r) urokinase compared to low M(r) urokinase indicated a role for the amino-terminal fragment (ATF). This was confirmed by the use of inactive truncated urokinase and monoclonal antibodies specific for the ATF in competition assays of urokinase binding. Antibody competition assays suggested a site in the kringle domain, and… CONTINUE READING

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