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Henri Poincaré. A Life in the Service of Science

  title={Henri Poincar{\'e}. A Life in the Service of Science},
  author={Jean Mawhin},
1032 NOTICES OF THE AMS VOLUME 52, NUMBER 9 Introduction In 1954 the scientific community celebrated the 100th anniversary of Henri Poincare’s birth. At that time, Poincare’s fame was not at its highest point among mathematicians, and the spirit of Hilbert dominated most mathematical minds. His fame was also not at its highest point among physicists, as physics was then essentially concerned with quantum theory. Nevertheless, the celebration was important in the many places where Poincare’s… 

A Biography of Henri Poincar\'e - 2012 Centenary of the Death of Poincar\'e

On January 4, 2012, the centenary of Henri Poincaré's death, a colloquium was held in Nancy, France the subject of which was "Vers une biographie d’Henri Poincaré". Scholars discussed several

Henri Poincaré and partial differential equations

Henri Poincaré has been professor of mathematical physics and probabilities from 1886 until 1896, when he exchanged this chair for that of theoretical astronomy and celestial mechanics left vacant by

Poincaré’s works leading to the Poincaré conjecture

In the last decade, the Poincaré conjecture has probably been the most famous statement among all the contributions of Poincaré to the mathematics community. There have been many papers and books

Some elements for a history of the dynamical systems theory.

The purpose is to exhibit the diversity in the paths and to bring some elements-which were never published-illustrating the atmosphere of this period of chaos theory, and to provide a direct testimony of how contributors can be influenced by other scientists or works.

Some Instructive Mathematical Errors

  • R. Brent
  • Mathematics
    Maple Transactions
  • 2021
We describe various errors in the mathematical literature, and consider how some of them might have been avoided, or at least detected at an earlier stage, using tools such as Maple or Sage. Our

Generation of Synchronous Unpredictable Oscillations by Coupled Hopfield Neural Networks

A new criterion based on generalized synchronization is provided for the extension of unpredictable oscillations among coupled Hopfield neural networks (HNNs). It is shown that if a drive HNN

Recent publications

  • 2006



Poincare and the Three Body Problem

The purpose of the thesis is to present an account of Henri Poincare's famous memoir on the three body problem, the final version of which was published in Acta Mathematica in 1890 as the

Elisabeth Crawford, La fondation des prix Nobel scientifiques, 1901-1915 (traduit de l'anglais par Nicole Dhombres), Paris, Éditions Belin, « Regards sur la science », 1988, 238 p.

  • C. Charle
  • History, Philosophy
    Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales
  • 1989
L'ouvrage d'Elisabeth Crawford, déjà paru en anglais il y a quelques années, est le premier d'une série qui fournira aux historiens de la science et de la culture les matériaux et les analyses

Les Conseils Solvay et les débuts de la physique moderne

Les Conseils Solvay ont constitué des moments mythiques de l’histoire de la physique moderne : naissance de la « théorie des quanta » en 1911, affrontement des titans, Einstein et Bohr, sur

Cahiers du Séminaire d'histoire des mathématiques

© Cahiers du séminaire d’histoire des mathématiques, 1981, tous droits réservés. L’accès aux archives de la revue « Cahiers du séminaire d’histoire des mathématiques » implique l’accord avec les

Henri Poincare,为科学服务的一生

Poincare’s website describes the firm as having “exceptional potential” in the face of competition.

Le problème des trois corps

  • H. Bourget
  • Physics
    La théorie du chaos en images
  • 2020