Hemorrhagic death associated with a high titer factor V inhibitor.

  title={Hemorrhagic death associated with a high titer factor V inhibitor.},
  author={M C Coots and A F Muhleman and Helen I Glueck},
  journal={American journal of hematology},
  volume={4 2},
An acquired bleeding diathesis was first noted in a 51-year-old patient 11 days following an exploratory laparotomy. Laboratory studies indicated the cause of bleeding to be the development of a circulating anticoagulant which inhibited factor V activity. The inhibitor, an immunoglobulin of the IgG class, was separated by use of Sephadex G-200 filtration, disc electrophoresis, and isoelectric focusing. Despite vigorous immunosuppressive, antifibrinolytic, and replacement therapy, including the… CONTINUE READING
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