Hemolysis in different centrifugal pumps.

  title={Hemolysis in different centrifugal pumps.},
  author={Koji Kawahito and Yukihiko Nose},
  journal={Artificial organs},
  volume={21 4},
Different types of centrifugal pumps cause different amounts of hemolysis based on shear stress and blood exposure time. However, the hemolytic characteristics of centrifugal pumps in each clinical condition are not always clear. We compared the hemolytic characteristics of one cone-type centrifugal pump (Medtronic BioMedicus BP-80) and 2 impeller-type centrifugal pumps (Nikkiso HMS-12 and Terumo Capiox) under experimental conditions simulating their use in cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB… CONTINUE READING
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