Hemoglobin-containing cells of Neodasys (Gastrotricha, Chaetonotida). I. Morphology and ultrastructure.

  title={Hemoglobin-containing cells of Neodasys (Gastrotricha, Chaetonotida). I. Morphology and ultrastructure.},
  author={Edward E. Ruppert and P B Travis},
  journal={Journal of morphology},
  volume={175 1},
The overall anatomy of Neodasys as well as data for hemoglobin-containing cells are described. Hemoglobin-containing cells are shown to be mesodermal specializations constituting approximately 14% of the animal's total body volume (4.87 ± 104 μl). These globular cells (10-14 μm) are situated in two longitudinal rows, each dorsolateral to the straight gut. Branches from the cells enwrap perikarya of muscle and nerve cells whose mitochondria are found just below their respective plasmalemmata in… CONTINUE READING