Hemodynamics of chemoreflex activation in unanesthetized rats.

  title={Hemodynamics of chemoreflex activation in unanesthetized rats.},
  author={Kleber Gomes Franchini and Vera Lucia Oliveira and Eduardo Moacyr Krieger},
  volume={30 3 Pt 2},
Experiments were performed on unanesthetized rats (n=6) to determine the systemic hemodynamics during chemoreflex activation by intravenous KCN. Rats chronically instrumented with ultrasonic flow probes in the ascendant aorta were submitted to KCN injections (30 microg/kg) before and after sequential administration of the autonomic blockers atropine and propranolol. In the control period KCN injections produced a 60% reduction in heart rate (HR) and a 46% elevation in blood pressure (BP), while… CONTINUE READING


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