Hemodynamic regulation: investigation by spectral analysis.

  title={Hemodynamic regulation: investigation by spectral analysis.},
  author={Solange Akselrod and David Gordon and J B Madwed and Nancy C. Snidman and Daniel C. Shannon and Richard J. Cohen},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={249 4 Pt 2},
We investigated the hypothesis that beat-to-beat variability in hemodynamic parameters reflects the dynamic interplay between ongoing perturbations to circulatory function and the compensatory response of short-term cardiovascular control systems. Spontaneous fluctuations in heart rate (HR), arterial blood pressure, and respiration were analyzed by spectral analysis in the 0.02- to 1-Hz frequency range. A simple closed-loop model of short-term cardiovascular control was proposed and evaluated… CONTINUE READING
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