Hemodynamic characteristics of suspected stroke in the emergency department.


BACKGROUND Systemic hemodynamic characteristics of patients with suspected acute ischemic stroke are poorly described. The objective of this study was to identify baseline hemodynamic characteristics of emergency department (ED) patients with suspected acute stroke. METHODS This was a planned analysis of the stroke cohort from a multicenter registry of… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.ajem.2017.08.017


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@article{Miller2017HemodynamicCO, title={Hemodynamic characteristics of suspected stroke in the emergency department.}, author={Joseph B Miller and Richard Michael Nowak and Brian P. Reed and Salvatore Disomma and Prabath W B Nanayakkara and Michele L Moyer and Scott R. Millis and Harish Kinni and Phillip D Levy}, journal={The American journal of emergency medicine}, year={2017}, volume={35 12}, pages={1915-1918} }