Hemistepsins with cytotoxic activity from Hemisteptia lyrata.

  title={Hemistepsins with cytotoxic activity from Hemisteptia lyrata.},
  author={Dae Song Jang and Min Yang and Tae Joung Ha and Kevin A. Park},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={65 8},
Two sesquiterpene lactones were isolated from Hemisteptia lyrata Bunge (Compositae). Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods as recently known hemistepsin and the new 6-O-(2-methylpropenoyl)-3-hydroxy-4(15), 10(14), 11(13)-guaiatrien-12,8-olide. The two hemistepsin derivatives were examined for their in vitro cytotoxic activity against human cell lines such as UACC 62, HCT 15, UO-31, PC-3 and A549. Growth inhibitory property was determined by in vitro treatment of the… CONTINUE READING