Hemimetameric segmental shift: a case series and review.

  title={Hemimetameric segmental shift: a case series and review.},
  author={Scott B. Shawen and Philip J. Belmont and Timothy R Kuklo and Brett D Owens and Kenneth R Taylor and Richard W. Kruse and D Polly},
  volume={27 24},
STUDY DESIGN A case series of patients with hemimetameric shift. OBJECTIVES To describe the radiographic and physical findings as well as treatment provided to a subset of patients with congenital scoliosis. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Hemimetameric segmental displacement, or hemimetameric shift, is a clinical entity defined by two contralateral hemivertebrae separated by at least one normal vertebra. Although the entity is briefly described in textbooks, there are no published series to… CONTINUE READING