Hemicellulases in the bleaching of chemical pulps.

  title={Hemicellulases in the bleaching of chemical pulps.},
  author={Anna Suurn{\"a}kki and Maija Tenkanen and Johanna Buchert and Liisa Viikari},
  journal={Advances in biochemical engineering/biotechnology},
Hemicellulase-aided bleaching is the first full-scale biotechnical application in the pulp and paper industry which truly exploits the unique specificity and safety of biocatalysts. Hemicellulases are used to modify the structure of xylan and glucomannan in pulp fibers in order to enhance the chemical delignification. This technology can be combined with various types of kraft pulping processes and bleaching sequences. The aims of the enzymatic treatment depend on the actual mill conditions… CONTINUE READING

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