Heme coordination states of unfolded ferrous cytochrome C.

  title={Heme coordination states of unfolded ferrous cytochrome C.},
  author={Enrica Droghetti and Silke Oellerich and Peter Hildebrandt and Giulietta Smulevich},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={91 8},
The structural changes of ferrous Cyt-c that are induced by binding to SDS micelles, phospholipid vesicles, DeTAB, and GuHCl as well as by high temperatures and changes in the pH have been studied by RR and UV-Vis absorption spectroscopies. Four species have been identified in which the native methionine-80 ligand is removed from the heme iron. This coordination site is either occupied by a histidine (His-33 or His-26) to form a 6cLS configuration, which is the prevailing species in GuHCl at pH… CONTINUE READING


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