Heme-based sensing by the mammalian circadian protein CLOCK.

  title={Heme-based sensing by the mammalian circadian protein CLOCK.},
  author={Gudrun S Lukat-Rodgers and Cristina Correia and Maria Victoria E Botuyan and Georges Mer and Kenton R. Rodgers},
  journal={Inorganic chemistry},
  volume={49 14},
Heme is emerging as a key player in the synchrony of circadian-coupled transcriptional regulation. Current evidence suggests that levels of circadian-linked transcription are regulated in response to both the availability of intracellular heme and heme-based sensing of carbon monoxide (CO) and possibly nitric oxide (NO). The protein CLOCK is central to the regulation and maintenance of circadian rhythms in mammals. CLOCK comprises two PAS domains, each with a heme binding site. Our studies… CONTINUE READING
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