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Heme arginate (Normosang) in the treatment of attacks of acute hepatic porphyrias.

  title={Heme arginate (Normosang) in the treatment of attacks of acute hepatic porphyrias.},
  author={E. Kostrzewska and A. Gregor and S. Tarczyńska-Nosal},
  journal={Materia medica Polona. Polish journal of medicine and pharmacy},
  volume={23 4},
The treatment with heme arginate of 47 attacks of acute hepatic porphyrias are presented. Distribution of patients into three groups of severity has shown that the best clinical response is obtained when the treatment starts in the first three weeks from the beginning of the symptoms and in patients without deep involvement of the nervous system. The decrease in elimination of the precursors of heme was about 60% (mean) in comparison to the preinfusion values, non corresponding firmly with the… Expand
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Open-label study of hemin for acute porphyria: clinical practice implications.
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Heme oxygenase in cardiac repair and regeneration.
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  • Biology, Medicine
  • Frontiers in bioscience
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