Hematopoietic cell formation in leech wound healing.

  title={Hematopoietic cell formation in leech wound healing.},
  author={Annalisa Grimaldi and Gianluca Tettamanti and Gianpaolo Perletti and Roberto Valvassori and Magda de Eguileor},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={12 24},
The angiogenic process in vertebrates and hirudineans has been compared. The leech Hirudo medicinalis, subjected to an angiogenic stimulus (surgical explant or cytokine treatment) responds, as a vertebrate, with the formation of an extensive network of new vessels accompanied by the production of circulating cells. The reviewed data confirm the surprising similarity between hirudinean and vertebrate processes in wound healing, and suggest that basic common events such as antigenic expressions… CONTINUE READING

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