Hematology in the regressive phase of bovine psoroptic scabies.

  title={Hematology in the regressive phase of bovine psoroptic scabies.},
  author={Paul C. Stromberg and Florence Guillot},
  journal={Veterinary pathology},
  volume={24 5},
Hereford calves were infested with Psoroptes ovis. Hemograms were evaluated weekly for 7 weeks during progressively extensive dermatitis and compared to uninfested control calves. Calves were treated with ivermectin and weekly hemograms were compared for 4 weeks during regression of clinical disease. They developed extensive dermatitis and marked decreases in total white blood cells, neutrophils, and lymphocytes. Infested calves also had moderate anemia, increased plasma proteins, and increased… CONTINUE READING