Hematological and plasma biochemical reference intervals in young white storks.

  title={Hematological and plasma biochemical reference intervals in young white storks.},
  author={Andr{\'e}s Montesinos and {\'A}ngel Guti{\'e}rrez S{\'a}inz and Mar{\'i}a Victoria Pablos and Franca Mazzucchelli and Miguel Angel Tesouro},
  journal={Journal of wildlife diseases},
  volume={33 3},
Hematological and plasma chemistry parameters were measured in 129 juvenile white storks (Ciconia ciconia), either wild or captive bred, April to June 1994. Wild storks were members of a colony in the Lozoya River Valley, Madrid, Spain. Red blood cells count, packed cell volume and hemoglobin increased significantly with age. White blood cells count, lymphocytes count and platelets decreased with age. Total solids, total proteins, fibrinogen, albumin, alpha, beta, gamma-globulins and urea… CONTINUE READING

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Journal of zoo and wildlife medicine : official publication of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians • 2015

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