Hemangiomatosis of the liver in infants.

  title={Hemangiomatosis of the liver in infants.},
  author={Peter Braun and J. C. Ducharme and J L Riopelle and Andr{\'e} Davignon},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={10 1},
Seven patients with hemangiomatosis of the liver are presented together with 100 cases reported in the literature. Six of seven patients survived; four with supportive treatment only. Follow-up is from 2 to 11 yr. Hepatomegaly, heart failure, and cutaneous angiomas constitute the classical clinical triad. Arteriography is the best method for diagnosis; biopsy should be avoided. Clinical features and histologic examination of these benign vascular tumors seem to confirm the theory that… CONTINUE READING