Hemangioendothelioma of the gingiva. Histopathologic and therapeutic considerations.


The hemangioendothelioma is a benign neoplasm, rarely observed in the mouth. In the literature, reports on the treatment and on the therapeutic results are lacking. This type of gingival neoplasm was observed in a young adult male. It was located in the attached gingiva in the upper and in the lower jaw, covering almost the entire coronal part of the anterior teeth. An exhaustive internal and neurological examination revealed no associated general disease. The gingival biopsies displayed the typical characteristics of a hemangioendothelioma: proliferation of the blood vessels, with a reduced lumen surrounded by swollen endothelial cells. The treatment consisted of a meticulous mechanical plaque control, chlorhexidine rinses, gingivectomy procedures and a monthly professional prophylaxis. 3 years after the periodontal treatment, the gingival structures remained clinically healthy. In the biopsies, only a small amount of inflammatory cells could be detected. This report shows a case of benign gingival neoplasms of unknown etiology in which meticulous plaque control, combined with extensive gingivectomies and repeated professional prophylaxis may have prevented or, at least, retarded the recurrence of the lesion.

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