Helping Developers to Look Deeper inside Game Sessions

  title={Helping Developers to Look Deeper inside Game Sessions},
  author={Marco Tulio C. F. Albuquerque and Geber Ramalho and Vincent Corruble and Andre Lu{\'i}s de Medeiros Santos and Frederico Luiz Gonçalves de Freitas},
  journal={2014 Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment},
Game design and development activities are increasingly relying on the analysis of gamer's behavior and preferences data. Various tools are available to the developers to track and analyze general data concerning acquisition, retention and monetization aspects of game commercialization. This is good enough to give hints on where problems are, but not to enable a precise diagnosis, which demands fine-grained data. For this kind of data, there is not enough support or guidance to decide which… CONTINUE READING