Helminth parasites and arthropods of feral cats.

  title={Helminth parasites and arthropods of feral cats.},
  author={Brian J. Coman and Eric R Jones and M A Driesen},
  journal={Australian veterinary journal},
  volume={57 7},
The prevalence (%) of helminth parasites in 327 mainly adult feral cats from 3 habitat groupings in Victoria and New South Wales was determined. The cestodes Taenia taeniaeformis (33%) and Spirometra erinacei (33%) were common; Dipylidium caninum was rate (2%). The nematodes Toxocara cati (28%), Cyathospirura dasyuridis and Cylicospirura felineus combined (27%) and Aelurostrongylus abstrusus (14%) were common but their prevalence differed markedly between habitats. Ollulanus tricuspis (5… CONTINUE READING