Helminth infection enhances disease in a murine TH2 model of colitis.

  title={Helminth infection enhances disease in a murine TH2 model of colitis.},
  author={Meaghan M. Hunter and Arthur Wang and D M McKay},
  volume={132 4},
BACKGROUND & AIMS There is convincing evidence from animal and human studies that infection with parasitic helminths can alleviate the histopathology and symptoms of colitis. Here the ability of the rat tapeworm Hymenolepis diminuta to affect the course of oxazolone-induced colitis (a TH2 model) was assessed. METHODS Mice were infected with H diminuta and 8 days later they received oxazolone (3 mg in 50% EtOH, intrarectal). On autopsy (3 or 7 days postoxazolone), disease severity was assessed… CONTINUE READING

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