Helium isotope variations in Juan De Fuca Ridge basalts

  title={Helium isotope variations in Juan De Fuca Ridge basalts},
  author={John Edward Lupton and David W. Graham and John R. Delaney and Hans P. Johnson},
We have measured ³He/4He ratios and He and Ne concentrations on a suite of 24 basalt glasses from the neovolcanic zone of the Juan de Fuca Ridge (JdFR) from 44.6°N near the Blanco Transform up to 48.0°N on the Endeavour Segment. The helium isotope ratios exhibit a clear geographic variation, with relatively constant values of 7.8 RA along the southern JdFR increasing to a maximum of 8.8 RA at 46.9°N on the Cobb Segment, and then dropping to values of ∼8.0 RA at the Cobb Offset. Ratios along the… CONTINUE READING

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