Helicobacter pylori, HIV and Gastric Hypochlorhydria in the Malawian Population

  title={Helicobacter pylori, HIV and Gastric Hypochlorhydria in the Malawian Population},
  author={Joe Geraghty and Alexander Thumbs and Anstead M K Kankwatira and Tim Andrews and Andrew R Moore and Rose D. Malamba and Neema Mtunthama and Kai Hellberg and Lughano Kalongolera and Paul W. O’Toole and Andrea Varr{\'o} and D. Mark Pritchard and Melita A. Gordon and Eric Brian Faragher},
  booktitle={PloS one},
BACKGROUND HIV and Helicobacter pylori are common chronic infections in sub-Saharan Africa. Both conditions can predispose to gastric hypochlorhydria that may be a risk factor for enteric infections and reduced drug absorption. We have investigated to what extent HIV and H. pylori infections are associated with hypochlorhydria in a Malawian cohort of patients undergoing endoscopy. METHODS 104 sequential symptomatic adults referred for gastroscopy at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre… CONTINUE READING