Helicity-dependent reaction γd → π0d near the η-threshold and its contribution to the E-asymmetry and the GDH sum rule for the deuteron

  title={Helicity-dependent reaction $\gamma$d → $\pi$0d near the $\eta$-threshold and its contribution to the E-asymmetry and the GDH sum rule for the deuteron},
  author={Eed M. Darwish and A. Hemmdan and N. T. El-Shamy},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Physics E-nuclear Physics},
The helicity-dependent coherent π0-photoproduction in the reaction γd → π0d near the η-threshold is investigated. The calculations are performed within an approach which includes the reaction amplitudes of the impulse approximation (IA), two-step process with intermediate πN- and ηN-rescattering, and the higher order terms in the multiple scattering series for the intermediate ηNN interaction. The contribution of γd → π0d to the deuteron spin asymmetry is calculated and its contribution to the… 
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