Helical spin liquid in a triangular XXZ magnet from Chern-Simons theory

  title={Helical spin liquid in a triangular XXZ magnet from Chern-Simons theory},
  author={Tigran A. Sedrakyan and Roderich Moessner and Alex Kamenev},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We propose a finite-temperature phase diagram for the two-dimensional spin-$1/2$ ${J}_{1}\ensuremath{-}{J}_{2}$ XXZ antiferromagnet on a triangular lattice. Our analysis, based on a composite fermion representation, yields several phases. This includes a zero-temperature helical spin liquid with $N=6$ anisotropic Dirac cones, and with nonzero vector chirality implying a broken ${\mathbb{Z}}_{2}$ symmetry. It is terminated at $T=0$ by a continuous quantum phase transition to a ${120… 

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