Helical computed tomographic anatomy of the canine abdomen.


The purpose of this study was to provide an atlas of the normal anatomy of the canine abdomen using helical computed tomographic (CT) images of the abdomen in four mature cross-breed dogs. The dogs were supported in sternal recumbency under general anaesthesia and scans were performed with 5 mm collimation and a pitch of 1. All sections were imaged with soft-tissue window settings and the cranial abdomen was also imaged with mediastinum-vascular window settings. CT scans were performed immediately after iodinated contrast medium was injected into the cephalic vein at 2 mL/kg. Iodinated contrast medium (10 mL/kg) was administered orally 2 h before the scan with a further 3 mL/kg administered immediately prior to scanning. A cross-sectional anatomy atlas was used to identify the structures of the abdominal cavity. Clinically relevant anatomical structures were identified and labelled in the CT images.

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