Heights in Diophantine Geometry

  title={Heights in Diophantine Geometry},
  author={Enrico Bombieri and Walter Gubler},
I. Heights II. Weil heights III. Linear tori IV. Small points V. The unit equation VI. Roth's theorem VII. The subspace theorem VIII. Abelian varieties IX. Neron-Tate heights X. The Mordell-Weil theorem XI. Faltings theorem XII. The ABC-conjecture XIII. Nevanlinna theory XIV. The Vojta conjectures Appendix A. Algebraic geometry Appendix B. Ramification Appendix C. Geometry of numbers Bibliography Glossary of notation Index. 
Logarithmic Forms and Diophantine Geometry
Preface. 1. Transcendence origins 2. Logarithmic forms 3. Diophantine problems 4. Commutative algebraic groups 5. Multiplicity estimates 6. The analytic subgroup theorem 7. The quantitative theory 8.
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