Heightened free radical activity in pancreatitis.

  title={Heightened free radical activity in pancreatitis.},
  author={P M Guyan and S Uden and Joan Marie Braganza},
  journal={Free radical biology & medicine},
  volume={8 4},
Three markers of free radical oxidation of lipids--9 cis, 11 trans isomer of linoleic acid, conjugated dienes and ultraviolet fluorescence products--were measured in the phospholipid fraction of duodenal juice collected in the first 10 min after an intravenous injection of secretin. The volume of aspirate was similar in 11 controls and in 25 patients who had sustained an attack of pancreatitis 6 weeks earlier--acute pancreatitis (AP) 10, chronic pancreatitis (CP) 15. The concentration of each… CONTINUE READING


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