Height bound and preperiodic points for jointly regular families of rational maps

  title={Height bound and preperiodic points for jointly regular families of rational maps},
  author={Chong Gyu Lee},
  journal={arXiv: Number Theory},
  • C. Lee
  • Published 16 March 2010
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Number Theory
Silverman proved a height inequality for jointly regular family of rational maps and the author improved it for jointly regular pairs. In this paper, we provide the same improvement for jointly regular family; if S is a jointly regular set of rational maps, then \sum_{f\in S} \dfrac{1}{\deg f} h\bigl(f(P) \bigr) > (1+ \dfrac{1}{r}) f(P) - C where r = \max_{f\in S} r(f). 

Periodic points and arithmetic degrees of certain rational self-maps

. Consider a cohomologically hyperbolic birational self-map defined over the algebraic numbers, for example, a birational self-map in dimension two with the first dynamical degree greater than one, or



Maximal ratio of coefficients of divisors and an upper bound for height for rational maps

When we have a morphism f : P^n -> P^n, then we have an inequality \frac{1}{\deg f} h(f(P)) +C > h(P) which provides a good upper bound of $h(P)$. However, if $f$ is a rational map, then

Height Bounds and Preperiodic Points for Families of Jointly Regular Affine Maps

h ( φ(P ) ) = d · h(P ) + O(1) for all P ∈ P (K̄) combined with the fact that there are only finitely many K-rational points of bounded height leads immediately to a proof of Northcott’s Theorem [18]

Local and global canonical height functions for affine space regular automorphisms

Let f: A^N \to A^N be a regular polynomial automorphism defined over a number field K. For each place v of K, we construct the v-adic Green functions G_{f,v} and G_{f^{-1},v} (i.e., the v-adic

An upper bound for the height for regular affine automorphisms of A^n

In 2006, Kawaguchi proved a lower bound for height of h(f(P)) when f is a regular affine automorphism of A^2, and he conjectured that a similar estimate is also true for regular affine automorphisms

Canonical height functions for affine plane automorphisms

Let be a polynomial automorphism of dynamical degree δ≥2 over a number field K. We construct height functions defined on that transform well relative to f, which we call canonical height functions

Periodic Points on an Algebraic Variety

where the Li(x) are homogeneous polynomials of degree 1 with coefficients which are algebraic numbers. One of the most interesting cases arises when the following two conditions are satisfied. (1)


I provide more details to the intersection theoretic results in [1]. CONTENTS 1. Transversality and tubular neighborhoods 1 2. The Poincaré dual of a submanifold 4 3. Smooth cycles and their

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This article is an exposition of an elementary constructive proof of canonical resolution of singularities in characteristic zero, presented in detail in Invent. Math. 128 (1997), 207-302. We define

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This is an introduction to diophantine geometry at the advanced graduate level. The book contains a proof of the Mordell conjecture which will make it quite attractive to graduate students and

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