Hegemonic feminism, neoliberalism and womenomics: 'empowerment' instead of liberation?

  title={Hegemonic feminism, neoliberalism and womenomics: 'empowerment' instead of liberation?},
  author={Hester Eisenstein},
  journal={new formations: a journal of culture/theory/politics},
  pages={35 - 49}
  • H. Eisenstein
  • Published 2017
  • Sociology
  • new formations: a journal of culture/theory/politics
Abstract:In this essay I reflect on a sample of a relatively new literature that has emerged in recent years on the growth of 'womenomics' and what Adrienne Roberts has called 'transnational business feminism'. Are these developments a triumph for the influence of feminist activists around the globe? Or do we see them as yet another classic attempt by the agents of capitalist globalisation to contain the energies of women and turn them to the advantage of the bottom line? I look at some… Expand
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