Hegel and Clausewitz: Convergence on Method, Divergence on Ethics

  title={Hegel and Clausewitz: Convergence on Method, Divergence on Ethics},
  author={Youri Cormier},
  journal={The International History Review},
  pages={419 - 442}
  • Y. Cormier
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • The International History Review
The Hegelian influence in Clausewitz has far more often been stated than it has ever been qualified, quantified, or verified. Perhaps the error was to try to ‘prove’ such a link, rather than focus on what such a convergence consists of and what it means, regardless of how it happened. Using both a historical and a linguistic argument, this essay delineates early writings that are devoid of any Hegelian similarities from those later in Clausewitz's life where a convergence of ideas becomes… Expand
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