Heel pain in psoriatic arthropathy: Analysis of a series of 291 patients.


OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of heel pain in a series of patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA). MATERIAL AND METHODS Cross-sectional, observational and retrospective study of a series of 347 patients. All patients fulfilled the CASPAR criteria for PsA and 291 had a clinically significant history of heel pain. The statistical analysis was performed using chi-square test, ANOVA and binary logistic regression. RESULTS Thirty-five percent of the patients had clinically significant heel pain. A significant association was established between an early onset of skin and joint involvement in the disease and the development of heel pain. However, no significant correlation was found between disease duration and the presence of heel pain. History of dactylitis and PsA in first-degree family members was also statistically associated with this complication. CONCLUSIONS Clinically significant heel pain was recorded in one third of the patients in this series. There was a statistically significant association with dactylitis, PsA in first-degree family members and an earlier onset of joint and skin disease.

DOI: 10.1016/j.reuma.2017.03.010

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