Heegaard Floer correction terms and rational genus bounds

  title={Heegaard Floer correction terms and rational genus bounds},
  author={Yi Ni and Zhongtao Wu},
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A bound for rational Thurston–Bennequin invariants
In this paper, we introduce a rational $$\tau $$τ invariant for rationally null-homologous knots in contact 3-manifolds with nontrivial Ozsváth–Szabó contact invariants. Such an invariant is an upper
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In this paper we investigate the question of when different surgeries on a knot can produce identical manifolds. We show that given a knot in a homology sphere, unless the knot is quite special,
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Given a one-dimensional homology class in a lens space, a question related to the Berge conjecture on lens space surgeries is to determine all knots realizing the minimal rational genus of all
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This thesis presents some new results on Dehn surgery. The overarching theme of the thesis is to find restrictions on obtaining a 3-manifold by a Dehn surgery on a knot in another 3-manifold
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We investigate constraints on embeddings of a nonorientable surface in a 4–manifold with the homology of M I , where M is a rational homology 3–sphere. The constraints take the form of inequalities
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Ozsv\'ath and Szab\'o used the knot filtration on $\widehat{CF}(S^3)$ to define the $\tau$-invariant for knots in the 3-sphere. In this article, we generalize their construction and define a
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We show that the correction terms in Heegaard Floer homology give a lower bound to the the genus of one-sided Heegaard splittings and the $\mathbb Z_2$--Thurston norm. Using a result of
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We prove that a simple knot in the lens space $L(p,q)$ fibers if and only if its order in homology does not divide any remainder occurring in the Euclidean algorithm applied to the pair $(p,q)$. One


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Let K be a rationally null-homologous knot in a three-manifold Y . We construct a version of knot Floer homology in this context, including a description of the Floer homology of a three-manifold
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We prove that, for a link L in a rational homology 3–sphere, the link Floer homology detects the Thurston norm of its complement. This result has been proved by Ozsvath and Szabo for links in S^3. As
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We prove that, like the Seiberg-Witten monopole homology, the Heegaard Floer homology for a three-manifold determines its Thurston norm. As a consequence, we show that knot Floer homology detects the
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We use the Ozsvath-Szabo theory of Floer homology to define an invariant of knot complements in three-manifolds. This invariant takes the form of a filtered chain complex, which we call CF_r. It
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We use the knot filtration on the Heegaard Floer complex to define an integer invariant tau(K) for knots. Like the classical signature, this invariant gives a homomorphism from the knot concordance
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If K is a rationally null-homologous knot in a 3-manifold M, the rational genus of K is the infimum of -\chi(S)/2p over all embedded orientable surfaces S in the complement of K whose boundary wraps
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We complete the first step in a two-part program proposed by Baker, Grigsby, and the author to prove that Berge’s construction of knots in the three-sphere which admit lens space surgeries is
Covering spaces and Q-gradings on Heegaard Floer homology
Heegaard Floer homology, first introduced by P. Ozsvath and Z. Szabo in [OS04b], associates to a 3-manifold Y a family of relatively graded abelian groups HF (Y, t), indexed by Spin structures t on Y
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Similar to knots in S 3 , any knot in a lens space has a grid diagram from which one can combinatorially compute all of its knot Floer homology invariants. We give an explicit description of the
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