Hebrew Philosophy or Jewish Theology? A False Dichotomy

  title={Hebrew Philosophy or Jewish Theology? A False Dichotomy},
  author={Samuel Lebens},
  journal={The Journal of Analytic Theology},
  • Samuel Lebens
  • Published 8 May 2014
  • Philosophy
  • The Journal of Analytic Theology
Yoram Hazony’s book, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture (2012)1, is a clarion call to engage with the philosophical content of the Hebrew Bible. The book’s champions rank among my most cherished religious and academic heroes (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Eleonore Stump). Having spent a year as a post-doctoral fellow at Yoram’s research institute, I have long been impressed by his razor sharp intellect and his passion for bringing Jewish philosophy into a new and more vibrant age. But, in my opinion… 
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