Hebras polémicas en el Gulumapu: Historia política del lonko Juan Lorenzo Kolüpi (1819-1850)

  title={Hebras pol{\'e}micas en el Gulumapu: Historia pol{\'i}tica del lonko Juan Lorenzo Kol{\"u}pi (1819-1850)},
  author={Cristi{\'a}n Perucci-Gonz{\'a}lez},
  journal={Historia (Santiago)},
This article aims to trace nidol-lonko (great cacique) Juan Lorenzo Kolupi, from his appearance in military records during the Guerra a Muerte (1819) until his death in 1850. The underlying objective is to understand the operation of Mapuche politics during the first half of the nineteenth century, starting from an analysis of his particular characteristics and those he shared with his peers. Focusing on important events he experienced, we realized that his power was built in a war-like…