Heavy heat shock induced retrotransposon transposition in Drosophila.

  title={Heavy heat shock induced retrotransposon transposition in Drosophila.},
  author={Ludmila A Vasilyeva and E. V. Bubenshchikova and Vadim Ratner},
  journal={Genetical research},
  volume={74 2},
The phenomenon of transposition induction by heavy heat shock (HHS) was studied. Males of a Drosophila isogenic line with a mutation in the major gene radius incompletus (ri) were treated by HHS (37 degrees C for 1 h followed by 4 degrees C for 1 h, with the cycle repeated three times) and crossed to untreated females of the same line. The males were crossed 5 d after heat shock, and also 9 d after HHS. Many transpositions were seen in the F1 larvae by in situ hybridization. The rate of induced… CONTINUE READING