Heavy element sensitive tomographies using synchrotron radiation

  title={Heavy element sensitive tomographies using synchrotron radiation},
  author={Th. Materna and Jan Jolie and Willy Mondelaers and Bert Masschaele and Veijo Honkim{\"a}ki and Alfred Dipl Phys Koch and Th. Tschentscher},
X-ray tomography is one of the most used non-destructive methods of analysis of samples. In this category, dual-energy tomography is the only one that makes the technique really sensitive to elements. With the advent of synchrotron radiation sources producing photons with energies above 100 keV, element sensitive scanning becomes possible for actinides. Here we report on results of a first experiment at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Several samples containing uranium in various… CONTINUE READING