Heavy Pentaquarks in the Diquark Model and the Large N_c Expansion

  title={Heavy Pentaquarks in the Diquark Model and the Large N\_c Expansion},
  author={Margaret E. Wessling},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
Recent experimental evidence for the Theta^+(1540) has given rise to much theoretical interest in exotic baryons. The Theta^+ is a baryon that has strangeness S=+1, meaning that it contains an anti-strange quark. Thus it cannot be constructed from three quarks, unlike all other known baryons; it needs at least an extra quark-antiquark pair. It is usually modeled as a pentaquark state in the 10 bar representation of flavor SU(3), with flavor content \bar{s}uudd. This thesis considers possible… Expand
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