Heavy Majorana neutrino production at electron-muon colliders


Possibilities for detecting heavy Majorana neutrinos (N ’s) at future eμ colliders are investigated. In contrast to the e−e+ colliders (LEP200 and NLC), the center-of-mass (CMS) energies achieved at eμ colliders can be much higher and the Z-mediated s channel is excluded automatically. This opens the attractive possibility of having high production cross sections for N ’s and at the same time probing only the strength of charged current couplings of N ’s (NWe and NWμ). The production cross sections and the expected numbers of events for the reaction eμ → NN → WlWl are calculated for various masses M of the Majorana neutrinos and for the CMS energies √ s=0.5-6.0 TeV. The values of the charged current coupling parameters are set equal to their present upper bounds. We obtain reasonably high production cross sections. Further, the effects of the off-shell intermediate N ’s turn out to be significant only at √ s > ≈ 2 TeV. PACS number(s): 14.60.St, 11.30.Fs, 13.10.+q, 13.35.Hb e-mail: cvetic@physik.uni-bielefeld.de e-mail: kim@cskim.yonsei.ac.kr; http://phya.yonsei.ac.kr/ ̃cskim/

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