Heavy Flavor Averaging Group (hfag)

  title={Heavy Flavor Averaging Group (hfag)},
  author={Julie G. Alexander and Marina Artuso and Marco Battaglia and E Barberio and Thomas E. Browder and P Chang and L Di Ciaccio and Helen F. Evans and Tim Gershon and Lawrence Gibbons and Andreas Hoecker and Toru Iijima and David Kirkby and Urs Langenegger and A. Limosani and Owen Long and David M. Lucchesi and V. Luth and Tadasu Nozaki and Yoshihiko Sakai and O. Rienhoff U. Piccolo B. Schneider and C. Schwanda and Mark Shapiro and Joel Smith and Achille Stocchi and Rick Van Kooten and Christian Weiser and W Yao},
This article reports world averages for measurements on b-hadron properties obtained by the Heavy Flavor Averaging Group (HFAG) using the available results as of summer 2004 conferences. In the averaging, the input parameters used in the various analyses are adjusted (rescaled) to common values, and all known correlations are taken into account. The averages include b-hadron lifetimes, B-oscillation (mixing) parameters, semileptonic decay parameters, rare decay branching fractions, and CP… CONTINUE READING
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