Heating of guinea-pig fetal brain during exposure to pulsed ultrasound.

  title={Heating of guinea-pig fetal brain during exposure to pulsed ultrasound.},
  author={Katrina L. Bosward and Stanley B Barnett and Andrew K. W. Wood and Michael Edwards and G. Kossoff},
  journal={Ultrasound in medicine & biology},
  volume={19 5},
Ultrasound-induced temperature elevations in fresh and formalin-fixed fetal guinea-pig brains were measured during in vitro insonation, with a stationary beam in a tank containing water at 38 degrees C. The pulsing regimen used 6.25 microseconds pulses, repeated at a frequency of 4 kHz emitted from a focussed transducer operating with a centre frequency of 3.2 MHz. The greatest temperature rise in brain tissue occurred close to bone and correlated with both gestational age and progression in… CONTINUE READING

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