Heat transfer in separated laminar hypersonic flow

  title={Heat transfer in separated laminar hypersonic flow},
  author={J. W. Hodgson},
provided 7^2 . If the disk is assumed to be traction free at its inner and outer radius, Ci and C^ will yield d = -(2 + OO 1)/[(T 4)(1 a)(a^ 1)] (12a) C2 = (2 + ver^tf** «)/[(7 4)(1 a) (a* 1)] (12b) The tangential stresses are plotted for the case 7 = 16 and VQr — 1.8 in Fig. 2 vs p, for various values of a. Those values of 7 and VQT are typical for a PYROCERAM glass ceramic matrix structure. When the disk is subjected to an internal pressure p0 only, the tangential stresses are Se = 7ai+^(l/pi… CONTINUE READING