Heat-shock proteins inhibit induction of prostate cancer cell apoptosis.

  title={Heat-shock proteins inhibit induction of prostate cancer cell apoptosis.},
  author={Nigel Gibbons and Ronald W Watson and Ronan N T Coffey and Helen Brady and John M. Fitzpatrick},
  journal={The Prostate},
  volume={45 1},
BACKGROUND Resistance to apoptosis remains a significant problem in the treatment of prostate cancer. Heat-shock proteins (HSP) have been correlated with tumor progression. The role of HSP in prostate cancer resistance to apoptosis is unknown. METHODS PC-3 and LNCaP prostate cancer cells were heat-shocked and then treated with or without diethyl-maleate, etoposide, cycloheximide, or 3 Gray irradiation. Percent apoptosis was assessed by propidium iodide DNA incorporation. Protein was also… CONTINUE READING
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