Heat-resistant dna polymerase

  title={Heat-resistant dna polymerase},
  author={カニフ,ジョン and デービス,マリア and フラー,カール・ダブリュー and モフェット,アール・ブルース},
(57) [summary] 5 lacks exonuclease activity of 'to 3', $ (i) Sir mass Aquatica scan, $ (ii) Thermus flavus, or $ (iii) Thermus thermophilus of the amino acid sequence of the DNA polymerase and at least 95 % of a homology, and to form a single polypeptide band at the SDSPAGE, about 540 from the 582 amino acid enzymology on active DNA polymerase having a tyrosine at equal positions in the 667 of the Taq DNA polymerase.