Heat capacity and conformation of proteins in the denatured state.

  title={Heat capacity and conformation of proteins in the denatured state.},
  author={Peter L. Privalov and Elisaveta I. Tiktopulo and Venyaminov SYu and Griko YuV and George I. Makhatadze and Nikolay N Khechinashvili},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={205 4},
Heat capacity, intrinsic viscosity and ellipticity of a number of globular proteins (pancreatic ribonuclease A, staphylococcal nuclease, hen egg-white lysozyme, myoglobin and cytochrome c) and a fibrillar protein (collagen) in various states (native, denatured, with and without disulfide crosslinks or a heme) have been studied experimentally over a broad range of temperatures. It is shown that the partial heat capacity of denatured protein significantly exceeds the heat capacity of native… CONTINUE READING

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